Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iOS 5 on Android

Recently, I've been trying an new Custom Rom and believe me its awesome its called MIUI Rom..
Its from a Chinese Developer.. But you'll love it.. 
Its Very much like the Iphone ios but better :). I personally love it .. Especially love the Lock screens.. 
Check it out who know you might love it too. 
(Another rom I like is cyanogenmod 7) 
For now check out the Latest versoin of MIUI rom 1.7.22 its updated every friday


  1. Looks awesome...but how do u install and try out on Samsung Vibrant? I am looking for a new ROM right now...something fast and responsive!

  2. how do i install this for htc evo 3d rooted phone

  3. Hey Dude.I really like your videos (cant waith for a new one :D ) and i want to ask you-can this MIUI Rom be installed on Xperia X10i?This is the only MIUI Rom which i like xD it's cool,it's nice and it ROCKS! if you can PM in facebook or in skype !

    Skype: hate_city1

    Facebook name: Кристиан Станчев(Кристианчо Асасина) or the link to my prof-->
    Best Regards Kris

    P.S. Cant waith for another app round up! :D

  4. Looks awesome...but how do u install.?

  5. hi
    its possible to install in galaxy S